Well-organised event traffic management is crucial to hosting a successful and safe event. Smooth traffic flow in and out of the event venue or location can leave your visitors with a lasting positive and lasting impression afterwards. At Number 8 Events, we can help you to organise a cost-effective, safe and well-planned traffic management plan from your initial consultation to traffic plan diagrams and everything else through the execution of the plan by our trained staff on the day.

Various avoidable issues like inadequate safety measures, poor directions, unprofessional marshalling and long queues can mar your event for all involved, from the organisers to participants and visitors. Regardless of the size of your event, we will handle all the essential details and liaise with police, highway agencies and local authorities, as well as attend all related Safety Advisory Group or SAG meetings.

The following guide will show how we will provide compressive event and traffic management services to ensure your event runs safely and efficiently.

Pre-Event Planning

Venue Access Points: We will ensure that all the venue access points are marked and left clear to avoid disruptions in the flow.

Traffic Flow: We will plan out the best direction for the traffic flow to ensure no accidents or long queues, where avoidable. This will stop attendees from becoming frustrated, especially when the event finishes and they want to go home.

Parking: We will assess how many attendees and vehicles will likely be at the event and create a temporary parking space, if necessary. If there is already a parking place for the venue, we will work hard to maintain reasonable control over that and make sure it is not overfilled.

Emergency Plans: It is crucial to plan for all possible outcomes, even rare ones. When an emergency occurs, we need to be able to act quickly to ensure it is dealt with in a calm, orderly and efficient way. We will ensure a clear communication chain and that local communities and all relevant parties know how to contact the emergency services and when they are required.

Communication Strategies

Public Announcements: It is essential to have a system to deliver critical public announcements before, during and after the event. Whether this is last-minute changes to routes, parking or how the traffic will be directed, we will ensure that all delegates, participants, spectators and visitors are informed.

Traffic Alerts: Traffic alerts and signage should be available and delivered to attendees throughout the event. These may be warnings about delays or changes in routes to and from the venue and parking.

Radio Communication: Radio communication is the best for all safety and event traffic management team members. We will use them to ensure everyone knows what is happening and when.

Emergency Communication: When emergencies arise, we will have emergency communication in place so that even those not part of the event traffic management team can stay in the loop and contact the emergency services if necessary.

Traffic Flow Management

Traffic Routing: An essential part of daily traffic flow management is ensuring that the traffic is routed safely and organised. This helps to avoid delays, disruptions, long queues and potential accidents.

Parking Management: Parking for your event needs to be managed just like all the other traffic. This will involve directing and guiding vehicles in and out of the parking areas and directing them around the designated parking areas so that they can find available parking spots. We will convey that information to all attendees when parking areas become full.

Pedestrian Management: It is just as essential to manage the flow of pedestrian traffic as vehicular traffic. We will plan the safest and most efficient routes to and from the venue for all pedestrians, whether by car, vehicle or on foot. We will ensure a steady flow to and from the venue and avoid accidents, especially in parts of the venue location with busy roads or parking areas.

Traffic Control Devices: traffic control devices like temporary traffic lights, cones and other equipment are required to ensure that traffic can be sufficiently controlled on the day. At Number 8 Events, we can provide various types of traffic control devices on the day, along with staff that know how to use them properly.

Staff Training

Traffic Management: All staff involved in event traffic management must be fully trained in the science and specifics of traffic management. All teams are suitably versed in planning, directing and controlling vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

Communication: Clear and direct communication can often make all the difference between successful traffic management during an event and unsuccessful traffic management. At Number 8 Events, we can promise that our team are great communicators, with one another, with customers and event organisers, participants and delegates, visitors and members of the general public.

Emergency Response: Having effective and timely emergency response methods and plans in place is essential, and you need staff at the venue who know what to do and when during emergencies. At Number 8 Events, our staff have been fully trained to a high degree and have the necessary experience and expertise to help ensure emergencies are managed properly and safely.

Customer Service: customer service is critical, regardless of what kind of event you are hosting and what industry or sector it caters to. At Number 8 Events, customer service is something we don’t cut corners with. Our staff are fully trained to deliver the best level of customer service and customer experience to you, the client, the event delegates and the general public.

Post-Event Evaluation

Traffic Management Effectiveness: Regardless of how long you have been involved in the business, as an event traffic management provider, it is always essential to have a full post-evaluation. This consists in assessing traffic management effectiveness. Was traffic managed effectively and efficiently enough? Were there any complaints, disruptions, delays, queues or accidents? How could these be avoided during future events? These are all questions we will ask after we have helped with event traffic management plans for your big day.

Communication Effectiveness: When lines of communication are not followed well enough, it can lead to issues throughout the day. As part of the post-event evaluation, we will examine whether the communication was managed effectively. This includes communication between our team, your team and your guests, delegates and visitors to the event. Where issues were a problem, we will look to rectify these in the future.

Staff Performance: All traffic event management services providers should evaluate their staff performance following every single event you offer their services for. Is there anything that your staff could have done better on the day? Were some staff members working harder and more efficiently than others? These are essential questions Number 8 Events will look to find answers to when we evaluate the performance of our staff after the event.

Feedback from Attendees: the opinion and views of anyone attending the event are essential. You want everyone attending your event to be happy and interested in doing it again. Therefore, as part of the post-event evaluation, it is necessary to listen to delegates. At Number 8 Events, we look at all comments and feedback from attendees to get a clear picture of where we excelled and where we failed. Did attendees raise any compliments, complaints or issues?


Event traffic management is crucial, and to ensure it is handled properly, you must have a clear plan. At number 8 Events, we understand this importance, and following the layout above, we will ensure that before, during and after your event, all traffic is managed in an orderly and efficient way to make sure all in attendance have an enjoyable, positive and safe experience.