Casual worker PPE

PPE Regulation Changes and effects on Event Safety

The regulations relating to Personal Protective Equipment (PPE – hard hats, gloves, goggles etc) are being updated and they come into force on 6th April 2022. With some changes possibly effecting how companies manage the health and safety of events and casual workers.


The duties and responsibilities for PPE on employers and employees are unchanged, but what the new amendments do is extend the responsibilities on employers to workers that are of more of a casual or irregular status (HSE refers to them as limb (b) workers). As opposed to persons who are on a permanent contract of employment (limb (a) workers).


This then means that there is no difference in how you provide PPE to both full time employees and casual staff. So you need to assess the risk and ensure that suitable PPE is provided, to all people that fall under the definition of worker.


The PPE provided must be free, compatible, maintained and stored correctly. All workers must use the PPE properly following training and instruction in its use from the employer.


How does this affect event safety?

Unlike other work environments, events and brand activations have changing PPE requirements, and sometimes staff will be called in on casual basis to help out at events which at the time have PPE enforcement in place.


Some tips to help make sure you are compliant with the regulations:


  1. Consider what PPE you are purchasing, make sure that you have discussed the work practices and requirements with the supplier of the PPE or with a specialist. Always make sure they are CE or UKCA marked.
  2. What sizes will be required for the staff? PPE that doesn’t fit wont be worn by the user or will be worn incorrectly.
  3. Make sure the PPE issued is in line with the requirements from the risk assessment.
  4. Think about how you are instructing those to wear the PPE, do they know how to put it on and wear it correctly? Is it worth making sure they have done an online short course?
  5. How are you checking that PPE is being used correctly? Is it worth having some spot checks that are recorded?
  6. Where will the PPE be stored when not in use?
  7. Are the PPE requirements communicated in the site rules that are sent out pre event?
  8. Do you have a register of who has had PPE and who has been instructed on its use? Is it worth having a register that workers can sign to say that they have received their PPE and understand how to use it, how to store it and what to do if its defective?
  9. Do you have spare appropriate PPE available onsite, so that if there are any defective items or casual workers arrive without any, it doesn’t hold up the build?

If you would like to find our more on how Number 8 Event can help you with navigating these regulations and many more please see our webpage on safety.

For more information on all of the changes to the PPE Regulations please read the HSE Guidance