Did you spot the news about our new superhero status? If you haven’t, then keep reading…. Are you in a jam or have a problem? Is your event causing you stress? Don’t panic, just like Batman, here at Number 8 we can come to the rescue and you can escape unharmed.

We have assembled teams of our own fellow Justice League professionals from Logistics teams, to H&S experts to Event Producers that can help any issue you might be facing.

So getting back to our superhero statues, you might have seen that orange 8 illuminating high in the night’s sky and wondered what it is? It’s basically our modern day UK Bat Signal and our most trusted clients are issued with a lamp for their times of need.

The last time it was used was only last week when we had a client ring us from site at 10pm, short of barriers and needed them for the next morning. Our team spotted the signal in the sky and immediately mobilised from our Number 8 cave to get the kit ready and into the client’s event.

There are always other calls for help that are more in-depth and need more work, but when the pressure is on to deliver don’t panic and give up altogether if you are facing an emergency like this. Number 8 can help. Even with a short lead time, we can pull off a successful and creative event for you. We are known for working to tight deadlines and problem solve where other companies say it can’t be done. At Number 8 we have an ethos that we can ‘make it happen”. Here at Number 8 our super hero team can make the impossible possible.

We are one of very few companies that have so many different business disciplines across the Events service and beyond. Just like the Justice Leagues team you don’t have to worry about speaking to multiple people and companies, with Number 8 you can select the level of service you require. We can be a one stop shop to cover all your business needs, reducing the pressure on you. For more information please see our webpage.

So get on our orange bat phone and give us a call to discuss your needs or concerns. We are here to make your life easier!

But all jokes aside, if Joker or The Riddler have arrived at your place of work and are causing you trouble, you probably do need Batman!!