Exhibition Shell Scheme

Your exhibition shell scheme team are here to make your life easier


If you are gearing up for 2021 trade shows and exhibitions, it’s time to start thinking about shell schemes. They are the structural backbone of your event, and getting the right team on the job is crucial. That’s right, it’s not just the quality of the shell scheme itself that you need to consider, it’s also the team in charge of it. Fortunately, we’ve got our best people assembled. Team Number 8 Events are ready to help you.


Let’s talk about the kit first of all.


You want one critical thing from your shell scheme – it must be robust. After all, it’s giving your event or exhibition its framework. The kit we use is strong, durable and smart. It does the job well and can be easily adapted to your specifications. Once the shell scheme is in place, it’s easy for exhibitors to customise it with their branding and décor.


You might want to standardise the top fascia so that it’s easy for visitors to navigate the event and for your team to see where each business is located. Our shell scheme comes with adaptable fascias to do just that, helping to ensure everything is uniform if that’s what you need.


Bring in the experts


Our event industry expertise means we’ll be the perfect partners to help you achieve what you need. There won’t be time to waste, and since we don’t need you to explain how this all works to us, we won’t be using too much of yours. Instead, you can trust us to get on with the job, safe in the knowledge that we understand the pitfalls and challenges you face and the reasoning behind decisions.


Event organisers bring us in at the planning stage, while they’re still working out the floor plan. Not only does that ensure we are fully briefed, but we can also make suggestions or give advice based on our extensive knowledge of these events. Once you’ve cracked it, we’ll schedule the time for our shell scheme to be delivered and built, ensuring you’ve got everything you need when you need it.


Let’s get building


On the day of the build, our team will arrive with everything they need to get the shell structure in place in good time. Having built many shell schemes in our time, you can rely on us to work quickly without fuss. There aren’t many things that surprise us after decades in events, so we’re not fazed and can adapt wherever you need us to.


We’ll make sure the shell structure is up and ready for use with plenty of time to spare. After checking it over, you’ll be ready to welcome the exhibitors, knowing that the venue framework is now in place.


Throughout the time we’re building your shell scheme, you can focus on the other essential jobs on your list. It’s our intention to give you peace of mind and time back to deploy in other areas of the event. We know that for event organisers, time is the most precious commodity of them all.


No-fuss de-rigging


When your show or exhibition is over, our team will swoop in again to dismantle the structure. You can rely on us to get everything out of the venue in a timely fashion so that you can hand it back to the owner. Thanks to the number of shell schemes we’ve built and de-rigged over the years, we’ve got it down to a fine art. So, that’s another thing you can cross off your list because we’ve got you covered.


If you’d like to chat with us about your shell scheme needs, please ring 0203 743 7292 or email info@number8events.com.