Catch and Kill

In the fight against coronavirus, professionals need to be diligent about securing the spaces their teams are working in. Under such stringent conditions, being able to ensure that clean air is being pumped around the area is fantastic, but it’s not enough. That’s why we’re delighted to introduce our latest bit of for-hire equipment – hospital-grade air purification units.

These dynamic and multi-functional units offer two layers of protection. Not only do they pump clean air throughout your workspace, but they also trap and kill airborne viruses, bacteria and microorganisms. Testing by Eurofin and the University Of Oslo proved that the efficiency of this ground-breaking technology is an incredible 99.97%. For your people, that is the sort of protection that ensures everyone can work knowing the risks of infection are substantially decreased.

The good news is, you don’t have to invest big to get the benefit of these air purification units – we’re able to hire them to you for a competitive rate.

How Does It Work

Let’s look inside the air purification unit to understand how the technology vastly improves on less-sophisticated systems. At the top of the unit is a powerful fan that works to draw in the air and push it down into the cylindrical HEPA13 filter below. When the air reaches the inside of the cylinder, any particles become trapped on the pleated inside, and that’s where viruses, bacteria, etc. are stopped in their tracks. Inside the bottom of the unit is a UVC lamp that shines continuously, destroying the DNA contained in the aforementioned nasties. What leaves the unit is purified, clean air.

The other significant advantage of these systems is to do with airflow capacity. You’ll find each unit can process 560m³/hour (20,000ft³/hour), a much larger area than traditional systems. This capability means it’s a terrific solution for people operating commercial or retail spaces, and if you need to cover more area, you can just hire multiple units.

We’re working with professionals operating photo studios, event venues, restaurants, bars, offices and many other types of premises. The units provide them with the ultimate protection and reassurance that they are keeping their visitors and teams safe.

Getting Started With The Kit

It’s not complicated to start using the air purification system we hire you, you simply plug and play. Their portable, minimalist design means you can fit them easily into your space as long as you have access to a plug socket. The system begins working immediately, which is great for days when you may be arriving early to transform studio space and have crews moving in and out of the area for multiple tasks.

Plenty of big-name operators are already using this ground-breaking technology in their business. The likes of Bentley, GlaxoSmithKline, Triyoga London, Discovery Channel and many NHS hospitals already have the systems up and running. While their budgets might be significantly bigger than yours, the opportunity to hire the kit from us means you can enjoy the same level of protection at an affordable price. We can also advise you on how best to deploy the system in your space and talk you through any other considerations for COVID safety.

If you’d like to talk to one of our experts about hiring the air purification proven to catch and kill COVID and other viruses and bacteria, please call us on 0203 743 7292 or email